Group Therapy

Find a group therapeutic program to help you grow.

Group therapy is a type of therapy in which a group of 5 or more people come together for group discussion, accountability, and personal growth. These groups are typically informal with group therapy sessions led by a trained professional with specific goals dictated by the they of group session.

Typically, people have an innate desire to want to be part of a community with others whom have similar circumstances and/or experiences. Group therapy, because of peoples desire to come together and relate to others, can be extremely powerful and serves as a great adjunct to individual therapy.

One reason for the effectiveness of group therapy is that simply being in a group, in general, has mental health therapeutic qualities. Science tells us that socializing in groups reduces feelings of isolation, and empowers people to improve behaviors by watching others do so.

Let get started on your new life journey and BAVOY, become a Better Adult Version of Yourself.

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