Crystal Lombardi

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

As a therapist, I work to meet my clients where they are at on their journey as I utilize a variety of treatment modalities to tailor an approach specific to their emotional or mental health needs.

I have successfully worked with individuals, couples, and families from a variety of backgrounds and cultures in both inner-city and rural settings.

In my work I strive to help my clients process painful emotions, modify unhealthy thought patterns, tap into their own strengths and resourcefulness, establish healthy a support system, and develop healthy coping strategies.

If you are currently struggling on your journey, you do not have to go through it alone. I would be honored to work with you and be an encouraging part of your adventure.

Crystal Lombardi, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Let get started on your new life journey and BAVOY, become a Better Adult Version of Yourself.

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