Brandon Knopp

I provide support and guidance to people seeking greater awareness about themselves. It is normal in life to struggle with stressful transitions, issues in relationships, anxiety, and depression. I believe that by increasing awareness, we can transform our deepest challenges into our most profound teachers. My clients have battled emptiness, anger, fear, grief, and loneliness. They have felt trapped by low self-esteem, old habits, and unprocessed feelings. Many have a history of traumatic relationships. During therapy, they learn how to work with their direct experiences, communicate more effectively and make vital life changes.

I offer a depth-oriented therapy aimed at uncovering unconscious fears and conflicts that create anxiety and trigger old patterns, along with reflective practices that help you navigate the present, process your emotions and move forward. Each week we work with what is most activated for you and find ways to integrate your insights into your day to day life.

Growth is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile. As we open to your rich inner world, you will begin to feel more self-aware, free, and capable. I look forward to joining you wherever you are on your journey, and to offering you space and support as you navigate the meaningful work that is needed to become the clearest version of yourself.